The Story of Calla Skinsoul
Calla Skinsoul is a brand of natural cosmetics not harmful to the health, helping Vietnamese women care for skin in a safe and effective manner. At Calla Skinsoul, we highly appreciate accountability, respect differences and encourage active lifestyles.

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Hot News
  • Calla Skinsoul has best Freckles Serum in the world. My skin after birth improves better and better, no longer freckles after using product.
    Nghiem Thi Cam Ly - Hot girl
  • The quality is great. I use some Calla Skincare products, my skin gets better everyday and everyone loves it. I become Calla's fan from now on.
    Le Vi - Model
  • I have used Calla Skinsoul products for almost a year now instead of foreign products. Calla Skinsoul is equivalent quality but more reasonable price.
    Phuong Anh - Model
  • Calla Skinsoul skincare products are indispensable items in my long business trip.
    Nguyen Huyen Dieu - Model
  • My skin is really sensitive to cosmetic but i am not allergic at all using Calla's skincare products. Thats what i love the most.
    Minh Chau - Singer
  • I am very impressive with Calla Skinsoul 's products and It is obviously understood why this brand grows so big now. Another great choice of cosmetic brand for girls
    La Thanh Huyen - Actress
  • I really love Calla Skinsoul's products. They all go well on my skin.
    Linh Tran - Hot Girl